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A little note from our team...

Carol Odle - Founder

Carol's Story 

      "If there's a vacancy I'd like to apply" 

                          A love story 


I first came to Barbados in the mid 1970's. 

I was a flight attendant with the world's favourite airline and still remember the blast of warm air and my maiden glimpse of the dazzling turquoise waters of the Caribbean as the giant cabin door eased open. This was back in the day when the crew stayed on for five or six days before flying home so it only took a few trips before Barbados and I fell for each other.  


Twenty odd years ago, with two wonderful kids and my "place to be seen" bar just outside London closing its doors for the last time I landed back on the island as a single woman looking for new adventures. Peter was the last man I thought I'd marry but his opening line had me in a heartbeat, 'if there's a vacancy, I'd like to apply'. 


Everything I learned in the air and everything I've learnt since in bars and hotels all over the world has led to the opening of Calma Beach Club. 


I've been dreaming of Calma for years, but it wasn't until I met Kate, through a chance meeting in lockdown, that everything started falling perfectly into place.

Kate and I wanted to create a place that captured the spirit of the island we both now call home. The authentic warmth and captivating smiles of its people, the breathtaking views and the delicious diversity and fabulous flavours of its cuisine. I also wanted to create a place people from all walks of life would be happy to congregate and share their stories in the same way I'm sharing mine with you now. 


You'll find our hand picked staff as attentive as any 5 star hotel but as charming and colourful as the island's biggest personalities. Here at Calma Beach Club, you'll discover a menu which combines the very best the island has to offer, locally and sustainably sourced and freshly cooked with oodles of character on the side. 

Our promise to you is an explosion of the senses and a bucket full of memories you'll treasure forever.  


Take a seat, feel the soft sand under your toes, cherish some of the best sunsets in the world and let yourself go. 


Welcome to our Barbados. 

Welcome to Calma




PS - Whilst you're here, please help us to do our bit to look after the island and its people. We're committed to being as sustainable, plastic and waste free as we can possibly be and we buy most of our produce from local vendors and companies. 

Kate Frobisher- Managing Partner

Kate's Story

       "A chance encounter with the Odles changed my life"


When the UK was in lockdown and my bustling London restaurant temporarily closed, I sought out opportunities to work in anywhere that wanted extra help during the pandemic. I was introduced to Carol and Peter and immediately flew to Barbados and jumped behind their bar to keep the Banks and rum punches flowing at their sensational Worthing hotel.

What was meant to be a short working holiday and escape from the cold and locked-down UK turned into 3 months and that chance encounter with The Odles changed my life.

When it was time to return to London and reopen my restaurant, Carol proposed we join forces and create a wonderful new beach bar and it was like a lightbulb went off, I knew that we could create something truly magical together and it felt so right to accept.

I've always been a grafter. Even though my first restaurant, Urban Pantry, ultimately became one of Londons most awarded destinations - right at the start, it really was just me, myself and a handful of dreams. 

My passion for food and drink was born in Australia where I fell in love with their breakfast culture. I'd been classically trained at Leith's School of Food and Wine but I caught the bug for fresh and delicious Aussie style all day brunches, when I spent a year down under. 

Within its first couple of years, Urban Pantry had won an award for Best Breakfast in the UK; Time Out and Observer Food Monthly voted us the best Brunch Place in the area and Trip Advisor gave us one of their coveted Certificates of Excellence and the awards kept on coming. 

You'll probably see me walking around chatting to everyone, but you're just as likely to sense my deepest wish to surprise you with some of the freshest and tastiest food and drink you've ever had - whatever time of the day you choose to swing by. 

So that's my story. What's yours? 

Welcome to our Barbados

Welcome to Calma



Stuart Kirton - Assistant Manager

Stuart's Story 

'As a Bajan, I love the food we eat, from rum shops to fine-dining'

When I first met with Carol and Kate about joining the Calma team, I immediately saw their exuberance
for the project, as well as their dedication to making it a success through creating and curating an
upscale experience accessible to everyone. As a Bajan, I love the food we eat, from rum shops to fine-
dining, St. Lawrence Gap to the west coast or a quiet place on the east. It’s this love and excitement that
I hope you will enjoy here at Calma Beach Club. As Kate and I emphasise with our team, serving great
food and drink in a beautiful setting should be nothing but fun. I’m so excited to be a part of the team
and can’t wait to share everything we have to offer!
Born and raised in Barbados, I’ve been working in the service industry since I was sixteen. I completed
the Culinary Arts program at the Barbados Community College before going on to earn a bachelor’s
degree in Culinary Arts from Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island. I’ve always considered myself
a chef with a passion for service. The orchestration of the dance between food and service is what I
enjoy the most, and in every environment, work and in general, my dedication to social equity and
equality is always a driving factor. I was excited to find the right fit at Calma.
I’ve worked as a dishwasher, a bartender, and even a doorman checking ID’s at a club in Boston, where I
lived for over 10 years. As my career has progressed, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to marry my
enjoyment of service with my experience in the kitchen. Before eventually returning to Barbados, I was
part of the senior management team at the flagship location of an upscale chain of innovative, dessert
restaurants. When I returned to Barbados, I opened my own business. I introduced myself and my
product wherever I managed to get a foot in the door and soon grew my business from delivery-only to
a full-service café where I was both Head Chef and Manager.
After 10 years, driven by my desire for growth and personal development, I decided to take on a senior
management role with an exciting new concept restaurant on Barbados’s West Coast. Here, I further
developed my commitment to contributing to an eco-friendlier Barbados. This experience ultimately led
me to Calma Beach Club.
Whether I’m at work or out socially, a chat and a laugh with good folks is always welcome so please stop
me and say hello!
That’s me in a nutshell,


Welcome to our Barbados
Welcome to Calma



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